Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Discussion Forum.

We were asked:

"From the Tom Ford article last week he drew inspiration from the things around him. What certain aspects of inspiration do you use as a designer? This project is all about using film but where do you 'go' (and aim to go in this unit) to be inspired?"

My Response:

"I think I get my inspiration from past experience and emotions...so although I'm looking at Moulin Rouge, I'm not going to look at can-can girls etc. I want to take it into the realms of love and deception and how these combine to create something much more complex."

I think life is more complicated and complex for everyone that it seems to be on the surface. There is more to a person than what the world sees of them. Whether it's a dark place inside them, unexplainable emotions or maybe just what they do when no-one else is around. In my opinion you can never truly know another person inside out. It's just not possible, there will always be something you didn't expect to find, so maybe we shouldn't go looking?


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