Thursday, 16 June 2011


I'm not a huge fan of taking up trousers. Probably because my Dad (step-dad) can never find trousers to fit so I've grown up watching my Mum sewing his trouser legs to make them short enough to fit.

Now I've got an overlocker it's easier to take them up so I offered (as you do) to take up his new trousers. Not realising there were 4 pairs. Which soon became 5 once he'd bought his wedding suit!

I actually found it quite therapeutic, not the measuring, cutting and overlocking part but the sitting with a needle and thread and catch stitching. You can do it without thinking and then when it's done and someone is smiling and thanking you it feels almost rewarding. I just hope he's finished shopping for the next couple of years, he doesn't buy himself clothes very often so I might be off the hook for a while.

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