Sunday, 14 August 2011


So I have finally finished the curtains I have been making for my favourite vintage shop - Hepwrights. It's taken a long time and wasn't without complications! But then nothing worth doing is ever easy. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Well initially we thought there were alot more meters of beautiful vintage fabric than there was. So I had to re-jig my original plan. Then once I rolled all of the fabric out it was apparent it wasn't entirely square (meaning print wobbled a bit and so did the selvedges) which made it a bit tricky trying to measure panels accurately. I overcame that, thank goodness and thankfully they turned out just lovely!

 A tip for any one considering asking me to do something for them, if you don't give me a deadline it will possibly take a long time for whatever it is to get done! This hasn't been helped by my being at work virtually every day over the last few months. So thank you to Catherine for being patient, I hope they were worth waiting for! Just a simple one left to do and that's almost finished!

I'm pleased with them and think they work really well in the space.

Looking pretty in the tie back.

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