Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Birthday.

So I know I haven't posted for ages but life is just flying by far too quickly. To start, here are some pictures from my birthday back at the beginning of September. This selection were taken at the Hawk Conservancy near Andover. My place of choice to visit with my Dad. Who got the day off work just to hang out with me on my 24th Birthday. I love my Dad. I had the best time and it made me love birds of prey even more. They are sinister, they have a purpose. The vultures were definitely amongst my favourites.

A 'disabled' bird. I'm pretty sure it only had one leg and
possibly only one wing too but we couldn't see the other side of it! 

Incredible vulture. Literally LOVE. It looks
as though it's wearing a big fur coat!

One of the vultures during the flying display. They flew so
close to you, you  had to full on duck. Not just a little bit but as
the guy put it 'a full on checking out your shoes movement'.
It's face is pink because it's excited about the chase.

A Bald Eagle which they flew in from nearly 2 miles away.
Incredible bird.

Look at that beak. I wanted to take her home.

Me flying a Harris Hawk. Literally the most amazing thing I've
ever done on my birthday!

Holding the owl. So cute. Called Troy.

At the end of the day they feed the wild species
of bird, including alot of herons. Thought this
one was pretty cool just chilling on a bench.

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