Sunday, 20 November 2011

Charity Fashion Show.

Back on the 13th October The Botleigh Grange Hotel held a charity fashion event (poster above) to raise money for the Hampshire Autistic Society.

For fashion students at Southampton Solent University it was an opportunity to showcase their talent. Whether their specialism is design, hair & make up or photography.

It was a hectic day which started with organising the models/garments. I was one of the few who actually managed to arrange a model and I was even more pleased when I saw her sitting across the catwalk from me looking absolutely stunning. I was extremely lucky that she was willing to help out, she was the perfect model for my creations. She might not be a size 8 but my goodness she is beautiful.

Here is the gorgeous Ewelina Kozak backstage in her first outfit, my Moulin Rouge inspired dress. This also happened to be the first garment to go down the 'runway' that evening. So no pressure.

It's impossible to describe the atmosphere backstage to anyone unless they have been there themselves. We were all bursting with pride but also shaking with nerves, unsure of how our designs would go down with the audience who were waiting in anticipation.

Some of the models in their line up, nervously awaiting their
turn down the catwalk.

My designs

Moulin Rouge Inspired Dress.
This was inspired by both sides of the moulin rouge. On the outside it is a glamorous world of love and seduction. Underneath this is a seedy dark side where prostitution and deception are rife. This is represented by the multi-functional aspect of the dress. Once the channels are gathered you can see the red lace peeking out from underneath, pull the front down to the floor and it's a sleek and sophisticated red dress.

Deconstruction Inspired Jacket
Japanese pattern cutting had an influence on this piece, there are no bust darts on the top - instead they are replaced with the contrasting heart shape. 
I wanted my jacket to challenge the concept of an evening jacket. Which is commonly worn to an event and promptly removed upon arrival. I wanted it to be more than that. My design allows the wearer to simply 'drop' the jacket from their shoulders and wear it as a 'tail coat' all evening. Picking it back up to keep them warm on the way home.

Menswear Subculture Outfit
This outfit was inspired by the Mods of the 1960s. Focusing on the iconic scooter and design details such as coloured stitching around the pockets etc.


 Pop Art Dress
I was inspired by the polka dot detail found in the work of artists such as Roy Lichtenstein. I wanted to challenge my personal style and design a womens wear piece that was more suited to the High Street market level than the bespoke level I usually design for. I was pleased with my design and feel I did achieve my goal, this dress wouldn't look out of place in New Look or any other high street store.

My model Emily and I at the end of the evening. 
A great big thank you to everyone who helped make this an amazing evening. It was the first time in my life I've looked at my work and felt a sense of pride in the garments I have produced. It's a completely different feeling seeing your designs being worn by other people at a real event. 

Roll on our end of year show!!

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