Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hear hear.

I saw this posted this morning by a friend and it is something I honestly believe in.

After writing 8,542 words about the future of haute couture (not for fun but my dissertation) it helped to enforce my beliefs about designers helping to change the world as much as the consumer. Ultimately if the products are there people will buy them. Particularly if they are 'nice'.

I do feel a little hypocritical at this moment in time as I did spend £70 in Primark yesterday (something I didn't think was possible!!) but as a student I would rather buy several things than just one as I can't afford to go shopping often and never know when the next time will be. However I am (relatively) pleased to say that the three dresses I bought aren't the most flattering so the likelihood is I'll return them and only keep the cardigan, leggings and hair bands I bought.

There is nothing wrong with the high street but I do not intend to design for that level and I guess part of that reason is because the nature of disposable fashion is exactly that, it's throwaway. And I don't want to make throw-away clothes. I want them to be loved and treasured and find themselves in a shop like Hepwrights Vintage in the future.


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  1. and Hepwright's Vintage will be happy to have them. x