Sunday, 22 January 2012

Old Family Photographs.

This morning I thought it would be good to sort out all my emails, whilst doing it I stumbled across these photographs which my Grandad (the man in the pictures) had emailed me some time ago! How I could have forgotten them I don't know. 

Also fyi, my Grandad is also the first person I knew to have a computer, this was when they first came out, which I suppose makes it hardly suprising that we stay in contact via email and Facebook, even though he's over 80.

My Grandad George, also known as Grumps (which is NO reflection of his personality at all, he's the complete opposite, always smiling and joking) was a young boy during WW2, he later went on to join the navy.


The caption above was written by my Grandad before he sent them to me!

My Grandad (George) & My Granny (Audrey)
Hard at work, Grandad is on the right.

Grumps (left) with what I assume are his friends.

Again, caption by my Grandad, photo shows him and my great Grandad!

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