Thursday, 15 December 2011

Team Christmas Meal...

This year it was my "job" to organise the Christmas Meal for the Equestrian Team. Here are a couple pictures from the evening, which was on the 14th December...

Buffet Dinner + free wine (a benefit of getting on
well with the manager of the pub!)

Lucy & I...with my diamante eyelashes...who'd have thought
they were only £1 from Primark. I bought them ages ago,
with no idea of when I would wear them..this seemed the
ideal opportunity!!

Full Length shot of our outfits.

Mine (right): Dress £32 West One,
Silver Sequin Shrug: Ebay (too long ago to remember the price)
Tights £4.99 New Look
Earrings £10 (ish) New Look

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