Friday, 12 February 2010

So it begins.

I've decided to start keeping a blog.

Partly because it allows me to keep a record of things without having to keep a diary (which is good because I always tear out pages because I don't like my handwriting) and partly because the whole idea of a blog appeals to me. Don't ask me why because I really don't have the answer.

Fashion: I'm slightly addicted to pale pink at the moment which resulted in me buying this: ikea today. It's a strange concept - being a mug without a handle but I thought it was kinda cute. Can't wait to have a cup of tea!

I have also recently bought a few items of clothing in this colour, it's a pretty versatile colour because it goes with black/grey/brown/jeans so basically anything you might want to wear with it.

These two things have also caught my eye today and may be finding their way into my life pretty soon....

The colour of these shoes and the cut out detail teamed with the metallic edging just makes for a really beautiful pair of shoes.

Oh my gosh, these earrings are so cute. They're delicate and dainty without being too twee, this makes me happy. I may have to buy these tomorrow.

Life: So today I spent the day with one of my brothers, Lee. He came to visit me in Southampton for the first time since I moved here in September. It was nice to spend the day with him because usually when I go home for the weekend we both have alot of plans which doesn't leave much time for brother/sister time.

Other: Fairies.


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