Sunday, 14 February 2010

Old Friends are the best.

Fashion: So I have realised that today I went from wearing a stonewash denim skirt, navy-ish leggings, turquoise t-shirt, black cardigan and a nautical silk scarf only to change for the evening into - a dark denim skirt, black leggings, raspberry t-shirt (exactly the same style as the turquoise one) a black cardigan and a multi-coloured scarf with some sparkly bits. The conclusion I make from this is that A - I like denim skirts too much and B - I'm turning in to my Mum. I distinctly remember when younger and shopping with her that if she found a top she liked that fitted she would buy it in all the colours she liked/they sold. I am now doing this.

Life: I spent the evening with my friend Sal, it was a lovely evening. I miss Sal. I hope we'll be able to spend more time togetherin the future. Old friends are always the best.

Other: Pegasus - a winged horse. Mainly in fairytales.


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