Saturday, 27 November 2010


Fashion: In Oxford there is a beautiful little shop called 'Darn it and Stitch' it's the sort of shop that reminds me of my Nanny. The smell and the vast quantities of knitting equipment contributing. It seems to be run by a young woman, perhaps not much older than me.

Buttons in jars <3

When we came out of the quaint shop we took a quick look around the Oxford Museum which was opposite. I sneakily managed to take a photo of this awesome medieval armour!

Life: The Oxford Castle Christmas Market was just how a Christmas market should be: colourful, full of random things, selling food which you can smell everywhere and stocking a good supply of mulled wine and cider!

Some of the stalls were much better quality than others...I bought a cute hat:

I also loved these:

Candle holders...

Reusable bags with cool slogans...

I'm sure I'll be going back there next year even if it is to sample the hot mulled cider from Somerset again.

Sharon and me got our makeup done by the lovely Sally in Boots at Estee Lauder...

Other: Mull - to heat, sweeten, and flavor with spices for drinking, as ale or wine.

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