Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wedding Bells...

Fashion/Life: Back in September, on my birthday I was told by my Mum and Step Dad they had some big news to tell me. As we'd had the house for sale for well over a year I automatically assumed it would be that they had at last sold it! I couldn't have been further from the truth...they were getting married. After 20 years of being together they had finally decided they would 'tie-the-knot' as many call it. I responded as most people did when they heard the news "well, it's about time!" it's possible that a glistening tear slid down my cheek, I am so happy for them. It won't change anything but it's just lovely.

The next part of the conversation naturally for a fashion student, revolved around the dress. My Mum wanted me to be the one to design and make it but only if I was happy to do so. Of course I was, it was a challenge and that's something I never like to turn down. Almost immediately I started conjuring up ideas of what would best suit her, silhouettes, fabrics and colours.

One weekend when I was back in Dorset visiting them we went to a lovely, welcoming Bridal Boutique: Butterfly Brides in Poundbury, Dorchester. They were extremely helpful and I can deny feeling a little bit guilty that they were being so attentive yet both myself and my Mum knew we wouldn't be purchasing one of their delightful dresses. The problem is, when someone doesn't often wear dresses it is infinitely hard to know what will suit them and also what they will like. My Mum was certain she didn't want a 'wedding dress' yet that is exactly what she fell in love with.

Eight months on and with less than a month to go I have ordered the fabric. Last minute by most peoples standards but I know that to be truly motivated and create a beautiful thing I need to be under more that just a little bit of pressure. I have made the toile and fitted it to her perfectly, so all that remains to be done is to recreate that in the lovely Ivory 100% Silk Taffeta I have ordered from James Hare. For obvious reasons I can't post any pictures of the toiled dress or the design, you'll have to wait a little while for that. I did however purchase a lovely vintage brooch, which will be incorporated into the design, from my absolute favourite Vintage Boutique: Hepwrights Vintage, Bedford Place, Southampton . So here's a little sneak peek at that:

Other: For your information, my Mums' name is Debbie. Formally Deborah but she hates that.

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