Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ideas in my head.

Later this year I'll be starting my third year at University. Something which is a terrifying yet exciting prospect: I'm terrified I'll be out of my depth and that I still don't know what my career plans are for when I finish my degree, I'm also stupidly excited about my Final Major Project(from here on in referred to as FMP). Effectively my FMP is the culmination of all the skills I have learned since starting University back in September 2009. I just hope that I can do myself justice and create something which represents me as a designer whilst also being something I can be extremely proud of.

It has been suggested that we start to consider what we might like to look into for inspiration. This is something I've been thinking about since finding out I had been accepted to study a BA(Hons) Fashion. For this reason something which should actually be relatively simple to decide on has taken me much thought. I was conscious that I didn't want to limit myself by the 'topic' I chose, as it stands I feel confident in the choice I have made. Although the exact 'question' is yet to be decided I am extremely confident with my choice of the natural world, focussing my interests on flowers.

The things that interest me most about the flowery world:
- the structure of all the different species
- the incredibly intricate detail you see if you look close enough, as the photograph I took (above) shows.
- the association of certain flowers with emotions/occasions
- colour association
- how flowers mean something different to the people in my life
- why individuals have 'favourite' flowers and the meaning/reasons behind them

For the time being these things will be the focus of my initial research. I want to explore them to try and understand how I view the natural world and how others may view it differently.

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