Monday, 6 June 2011


It's been pretty much a week since I last posted and although I don't feel I have a massive amount to share today I know I can't let another day go by without contributing to my blog.

Alot has happened in a week, starting on Wednesday when I took a trip up to Londons' Brick Lane (specifically to The Old Truman Brewery)to help backstage with a fashion show. Unfortunately I didn't get time to take any pictures so you'll have to take my word for it. The fashion show was put on by Free Range ( a company who appear to specialise in Art & Design shows. This particular one was an exhibition of 3rd Year Final Collections, from Southampton Solent University.

The broad spectrum of ideas and handwriting across the collections was incredible. It was really clear to me, someone who didn't know each of the designers, what each persons individual style was. Naturally some I loved, some I didn't: the collections I mean, although frankly the same could be said of the designers.

My absolute favourite designer there was the lovely Charlotte Hillier. Check out her work here: **I don't know why my links aren't working!!**

Her ideas are conceptual and incredibly beautiful. In this collection she has combined not only fabric and print but other raw materials such as wood and metal, all of which she crafted herself, she is incredible. The collection was showy and fabulous whilst also being detailed, with a story behind each piece.

It wasn't until discussing the outfit pictured above that I came to realise the print design is made up of photographs of her friends whilst on Rollercoasters. It works as an outfit and yet it is so personal to Charlotte, making it even more beautiful to look at when you know the story behind it.

The outfit I had to dress my model in was this:

Amazingly detailed laser cut wooden 'skirt'. It was a nightmare to get on but my god it was worth the effort. It looked truly stunning.

It is work like Miss Hillier's that scares me a bit, honestly, I think about how this time next year I'll be in her position and there's no way I feel ready for that. It's a big thing and my degree relys upon me getting it right. In the future the success of a brand will rely on me getting it right but for now that doesn't worry me, it seems almost too far away for it to be real. Until then I'll find time to worry about the matter in hand - my final collection. Well that and the half made wedding dress sat at home on the table waiting patiently for my love and attention.

Wish me luck.

(I'll write more about the fashion show/my role in it later)


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