Sunday, 19 February 2012


Yesterday at work was our Jenny Packham 'designer day'. The dresses are to die for, every single one of them was beautiful, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures! 

The window display was stunning & changed throughout the day depending which dresses were being tried on. This particular one was my work of art.

So many dresses, beading and sparklies.

One of the more simple designs.

So stunning.

A close up of the beadwork. It was incredible. 

A gold number. Less bridal, more evening wear in my opinion.

It had amazing detail though.

This was the back. The front was plain. Lovely.

A shoulder detail.


  1. I love jenny packham's dresses they are so lovely ! xxx

    1. I have to admit I just wanted to play dress up all day. They're so feminine and the detailing is just incredible! x

  2. curious to know how much your dresses start from as my wedding gown seems an ugly duckling compared to these!

    1. The ones shown are all Jenny Packham and range from approx £1,500- £3,000+ :) I'm sure your dress is beautiful!