Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Not for me.

All of the valentines hype means that despite vowing not to discuss it, here I am, doing exactly that.

All I really want to say on the matter is that maybe it's cute when you're at school but when you're in an adult relationship do you really need to recognise your love for someone by buying them things and treating them well. This should be an all year round occurrence.

The day has been slightly overshadowed by the fact that three years ago today we buried my step-mum. At the time, in the spirit of valentines day we added a small cardboard cut out of Aragorn (her favourite LOTR character/crush). It lightened the mood although prior to actually doing it, us 'children' did feel the need to check with her sisters if they minded. Her twin Susan thought it was absolutely brilliant, so that's what we did. 

I didn't celebrate valentines day that year either, mainly because of the reason mentioned above. That and my boyfriend at the time had boarded a rather large plane at Brize Norton and headed for Iraq that morning. Not the most romantic day of my life I must say! But one that I will always remember, just for different reasons to most. 

All this lovey dovey stuff on one day of the year, it's not for me.
 (and no I don't think it would be any different if I was in a relationship)


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