Thursday, 18 February 2010

Chasing Paper

Fashion: Today I was mainly thinking about Alexander McQueen. He was an incredible designer who was so unique in his thought process that I think it will be impossible for anyone to give the company quite the same vibe as he did. It is really sad that he felt it necessary to take his own life but at the same time I can understand why he did. Most people believe the reason he took this decision was to do with the death of his mother the week before. Whether this is the true reason or not we will never truly know but there are many people in the world who feel they cannot go on for whatever reason.

I have had moments when I've felt that way but some people are able to get through it and others aren't. We can never really understand exactly how another person feels because everyone deals with trauma in different ways

I was having a debate with myself today about whether creative people deal with emotions in a different way to non creative people, do we feel different emotions to people at times or do we feel them more strongly. It's something I'm intrigued by and I am planning to try and find out if research has been done on this subject.

Life: So, I went into Paperchase today. It was extremely lucky for my bank account that I left my purse at home! They had several new ranges which I hadn't seen before and loads of cute new products which I fell in love with! These are just a few:

The last 2 pictures are of this amzingly cute sewing kit they do. The downside is it's £8 and lets be honest these sewing kits are never that useful because the cotton is usually bad quality and you forget to put them in your handbag which is where they'd be most handy for moments when your button pops off your shirt or similar.

Horse riding: I go riding every week on a Wednesday and it's probably the best part of my week, every week. Being on a Wednesday is great because it breaks the week up and besides from that I LOVE getting outside. Today we were practising our jump position which was entertaining, probably even more so if you were watching us. Trotting whilst standing up isn't as easy as it sounds, especially when holding on to a neck strap and trying not to strangle your poor horse. I love Crystal, she's bautiful and white and I like to call her my princess horse. Also she's getting pretty good with me now when I tack her up and put her back in her stable at the end of the lesson, she used to be a bit of a madam at times but thankfully those days appear to be over. The only thing that makes me sad is that she can't be jumped so I'll be on another horse for that.

Other: Unicorn - what Crystal would look like if she was ever clean and had a horn. (she looked pretty cute with her tail plaited this week!)

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