Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Fashion: So now I've finished Uni for the summer I have become slightly addicted to Project Runway. I have been simultaneously watching season 4 and season 6. I don't know what happened to season 5! It's amazing to see how these designers create these catwalk looks on such a short timescale. Obviously it's hard to tell through editing how realistic it is but still, it makes you think.

I've found that 6 week deadlines over the last 8 months have been a struggle, a two day one? I'm sure I could do it! I think sometimes it's easier to come up with an idea and run with it, rather than over think things. I find that with the assignments we're set sometimes I feel like I'm just jumping through hoops to get a good grade. I know effectively that's what we need to do but once I have in my head what I want to create all the researching and work I put into the sketchbook seems a little pointless, this is probably because I end up working backwards. Which is of course my own fault for not getting stuck in with the research and committing it to paper quick enough. Next year that will be my challenge, to throw myself into the challenge from the word go. Hopefully that way my work will be more convincing and I won't find it such a mad panic at the end. Who am I kidding, there'll always be a mad panic at the end, it's how I work.

Life: So I've moved home for summer and I've suprised myself at how much more I have fitted in my room. Mainly all I brought home with me was clothes, but my wardrobe and drawers were already full before I added a car load of stuff into the mix. Suprisingly I'm not having to climb over stuff to get to my bed.

I'm SO excited about moving into my lovely little flat which I will be living in for at least the next year. Moving in day is not until the end of June so I've got a few weeks to wait but I can't help getting excited! I think people are getting sick of me talking about what colour cushions I would like and my main obsession right now - tea, coffee and sugar canisters! As the lounge and kitchen areas are right next to eachother and it's open plan the colours need to at least go well together. I can't wait! My own place to go and hide from the world, an escape from anyone and everyone - bliss.

Other: Fairy - an imaginary supernatural being, takes the form of a tiny human with delicate wings on their back, magical and beautiful.

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